National Health Policy Group (NHPG)

The National Health Policy Group (NHPG) is a national health policy and consulting firm dedicated to improving health care policy and practice for poor, frail, disabled and chronically ill persons. The NHPG helps government agencies, national associations and specialized managed care programs transform current practices to better address the needs of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple, complex and ongoing care requirements.

NHPG Leadership

Rich Bringewatt and Valerie Wilbur co-founded the NHPG in 2003. Mr. Bringewatt has served as the NHPG's President and CEO since its inception. Mr. Bringewatt and Ms. Wilbur also co-founded the Special Needs Plan Alliance (SNP Alliance) in 2004, after providing national leadership in advancing the original MA Special Needs Plan (SNP) legislation. The SNP Alliance was established as a national, invitation-only leadership organization to develop and advance ongoing improvements in health policy and oversight for SNPs and affiliated provider networks serving high-risk/high cost beneficiares. Committed to advancing integrated care, the SNP Alliance also expanded membership to include Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMPs) established under the CMS Financial Alignment Initiative.

In 2016, Mr. Bringewatt worked with a group of national healthcare leaders to establish the SNP Alliance as an independent nonprofit organization with its own board and staff. The SNP Alliance was officially incorporated in January 2017. In July 2017, the SNP Alliance Board hired Dr. Cheryl Phillips as its new chief executive. Mr. Bringewatt now serves as chief policy advisor to the SNP Alliance.Please click here for more information about the SNP Alliance today.

Prior to his leadership positions at the NHPG and SNP Alliance, Mr. Bringewatt co-founded and served as President and CEO of the National Chronic Care Consortium (NCCC). Established in January 1991, the NCCC served for 13 years as an invitation-only leadership organization involving many of the nation's premier primary, acute and long-term care providers and healthcare policy leaders. The purpose was to design and advance new practice-based, health system innovations to more effectively address the multi-dimensional, interdependent and ongoing needs of chronically ill persons as their care needs evolve over time and across care settings. Many of the concepts and tools developed at the time are still used today.

As a social entrepreneur and early pioneer of person-centered, integrated care, Mr. Bringewatt and his team have had a long history of success in advancing changes in healthcare financing, policy and practice for high-risk/high-need persons.

Contact Information

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President and CEO
National Health Policy Group
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