The National Health Policy Group (NHPG) is a national health policy and consulting group dedicated to improving health care policy and practice for poor, frail, disabled and chronically ill beneficiaries. The NHPG helps government agencies, national associations and specialized managed care companies review and modify federal payment, policy, oversight, and care delivery arrangements to better address the multidimensional, interdependent and ongoing care requirements of complex care beneficiaries.

The NHPG assumed a leadership role in advancing the original Special Needs Plan legislation and in advancing a number of integration efforts designed to improve care for dually eligible beneficiaries and persons with complex and ongoing care requirements. The NHPG established the SNP Alliance as a vehicle for change shortly after the original SNP legislation was passed. In 2016, the NHPG worked with a group of national leaders to further advance the work of the SNP Alliance and its members. As of January 2017, the SNP Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization with its own board and staff. Please click here for more information about the SNP Alliance today.

While this website continues to provide some historical information on the SNP Alliance and other related activities, the site is currently under redesign to support the future and ongoing work of National Health Policy Group.