Engage Experienced, Leading-Edge Strategic Consultation and Support

The National Health Policy Group (NHPG) is a national health policy and consulting group established to help improve health care policy and practice in care of high-risk beneficiaries. NHPG clients include Medicare and Medicaid plans, health and long-term care systems, government agencies and national associations.

NHPG services include:

  • Health policy and policy research
  • Legislative & regulatory advocacy
  • Strategic planning and consultation

The NHPG developed and provides ongoing strategic leadership and management for The SNP Alliance. Coalition development, management and related legislative and regulatory advocacy services are provided consistent with an annual strategic plan approved by the membership.

NHPG, in collaboration with other companies and leading health care professionals, helps health plans, providers and programs:  

  • explore the feasibility of establishing a Special Needs Plan;
  • review operating methods in serving high-risk beneficiaries; and
  • provide general consultation and guidance to improve SNP performance.

The NHPG also helps government agencies and national associations review their current policies and practices in care of high-risk beneficiaries and assist them in making them more responsive to the multidimensional and ongoing care needs of high-risk beneficiaries.