2009 Forum Materials

The following material is provided for you in conjunction with your participation in the 5th Annual SNP Leadership Forum. We've posted resource materials for each session. 

*To access the specific documents, simply click on the underlined document.

Session 1: The Politics of Health Care Reform

  • HR 2758, The Medicare Specialty Care Improvement and Protection Act

Session 2: Health Care Reform Proposals:  Impacts and Opportunities for SNPs

  • S. 1796: America’s Health Future Act of 2009
  • Senate Report 111-89:  Finance Committee Report on S. 1796
  • HR 3200:  America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, July 14, 2009
  • Summary of Key Provisions Affecting SNPs

Session 3: SNP Interventions that Produce Exceptional Outcomes

Session 4: SNP Status Report and Milestones

Session 5: Consumer Perspectives on SNP Beneficiary Needs

  • Paying for Better Care:  A Consumer Advocate’s Reference Guide to Payment Reform, Community Catalyst, 2009
  • Special Delivery: How Coordinated Care Programs Can Improve Quality and Save Costs, Community Catalyst, 2009

Session 6: Improving Risk Adjusted Payment Methods

Session 7: Advancing Medicare/Medicaid Integration

Session 8: Maintaining the Financial Viability of Special Needs Plans

  • The Impact of Health Care Reform Financing Provisions on Special Needs Plans, Steven Wood

Session 9: Streamlining and Optimizing SNP Performance Measures

  • Inconsistencies and Duplication among Medicare and Medicaid Performance Measures for SNPs, The SNP Alliance   

Session 10: Open Dialogue with CMS

  • Summary of Key SNP Regulatory Issues, SNP Alliance

Other Materials: White House Perspective on Health Reform